Saturday, January 6, 2007

Life Update

Hello, all. For those who still visit this site, anyhow... As you have noticed, I have not been doing much as of late. No, I do not plan to close down the site, but for right now other things in life are higher priority than the upkeep of this site. I have not lost my love for Xena. The show is as great as ever for me. I still kick back and relax by watching my favorite episodes when time permits. As for the site, I'm proud of what I have done, but I don't really know quite what to do to make it more exciting. I feel like it is finished. At least for now. Maybe something in the future will spark my creativity. The site will continue to stay up and running as long as I am able to keep it so. To those first-timers here, I hope you enjoy my website.


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